Get fresh imagery and map data with a capture project in your city

Divide an area into tasks and assign them to drivers in your organization. See progress in real time as the drivers use a simple app to complete their tasks—capturing imagery with smartphones or other simple cameras.

Request a demo for your organization
How it works
Choose the equipment that meets your needs—smartphones, action cameras, or 360° cameras
Set up and manage a capture project on the admin dashboard
Drivers use a mobile app to log their capture sessions
See progress from the whole team in real time
Imagery and map data will be available on Mapillary within hours from upload

Key features

Simple tools for capture and upload
Use the equipment that fits your organization's needs, from smartphones to high-end cameras and GPS devices. We provide suitable upload methods and a project tool for coordinating the team's efforts.
Automatic data extraction
In addition to connecting all imagery into navigable views and applying privacy blurring, Mapillary automatically recognizes objects in the images and makes them available as map features positioned on the map.
Outsource capturing to qualified drivers
If you don't have a team of your own, let us know. We will help you find drivers among our contributor and partner network that are experienced in capturing for Mapillary.

Cover your city with fresh imagery and map data.

Mapillary is an independent and neutral provider of street-level imagery and map data, untied to any particular mapping platform. We are committed to building a global service for everyone.
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