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Pricing plans
up to 50,000
no data requests
$250 / month
up to 500,000
up to 250 data requests
(internal use, no reselling)
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more than 500,000
more than 250 data requests
(internal use, no reselling)
Views are free for NGO, education and personal use. Mapillary photos can be downloaded for free under CC-BY-SA. Please read our guidance for attribution
We also offer
Private repositories
Starting at$500 / month
Starting at$3,000 / month
- Guaranteed uptime, availabilty, processing, and support response times
- Storage beyond the most recent capture
Right to derive content from photos for resale
About views
A view is a render of any embedded image hosted by Mapillary, either as a single image or as part of a photo sequence in the Mapillary viewer (MapillaryJS).

You can upload, filter for and embed your own street-level experience anywhere, in your blog, GIS tool of your choice – whatever you fancy.
About data requests
A data request is query for data extracted and returned by Mapillary, for example using Mapillary’s object recognition tools.
Available data types
Traffic sign image detections on a photo
Traffic signs found in images e.g. a stop sign detected in an image. A single real-world object can have several detections across several images.
Traffic sign map objects in 3D space
Items detected in images and positioned in 3D space, with lat and lon computed from multiple detections (only available if the object is detected in two or more images).
Contents of a data request
1 verified traffic sign on the map
10 verified traffic signs on the map
10 unverified traffic signs in a photo
100 unverified traffic signs in a photo
“Verified” data is data extracted by Mapillary that has been checked, verified and accepted as “ground truth” by a human reviewer.

“Unverified” data is automatically extracted by computer vision.

We’re currently providing traffic signs as items only, in the future we will extend the available object list.
Request sample
It’s free to upload and view photos on Mapillary. Mapillary photos are available for free under CC-BY-SA with appropriate attribution using the “Download” feature on

Mapillary tools to access photos are available for free for NGO, academic, and individual use.

Commercial pricing for Mapillary tools includes a perpetual, non-transferable license to use Mapillary photos and any derived data for internal use.