About Us

Mapillary is a passionate community of people who want to make the world accessible to everyone by creating an image representation of the world. Anyone can join the community and collect street level images by using simple tools like smartphones or action cameras.

By connecting images across time and users, we can create an immersive street-level image view for people to virtually explore different places in the world. It could be a walk on a beach in Costa Rica, the streets of Tokyo or a drive through the Swedish countryside.

We simply want to empower you to decide which streets, roads and hidden paths should be mapped, and when. There is no longer a need to wait for someone else to take street level images for you.


The easiest way to get in touch is to send us email.

We are located in Malmö, Sweden, with satellite offices in Graz, Austria, Brooklyn, NY, and West Hollywood, CA.

Our main address: Mapillary AB, Bredgatan 4, 211 30 Malmö.

Are you excited about our work? We're expanding our team, see our job openings.
Jan Erik Solem
Johan Gyllenspetz
Peter Neubauer
Yubin Kuang
Computer Vision
Peter Kontschieder
Computer Vision
Pau Gargallo
Computer Vision
Gerhard Neuhold
Computer Vision
Oscar Lorentzon
Computer Vision
Tobias Ollmann
Computer Vision
Samuel Rota Bulò
Computer Vision
Janine Yoong
Business Development
Madelen Arnesdotter
Business Development
Christopher Beddow
Solutions Engineer
Emil Dautovic
Sandra Uddbäck
Growth and Marketing
Edoardo Neerhut
Community Manager
Katrin Humal
Community Manager
Levente Juhász
Rebecca Yttermalm
Karim Osman
Operations Lead
Andrew Mahon
Product Manager
Kamil Nikel
Front-End Developer
Nikola Pleša
Front-End Developer
József Schaffer
Design Lead
Stephen Duffy
Anders Mårtensson
iOS Developer
Ovidiu Voda
Android Developer
Tao Peng
Back-End Developer
Martin Skans
DevOps engineer