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Photos & Data for OpenStreetMap

Enrich your mapping with detailed data collection and editing in iD and JOSM

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Photo map your drives, walks and bike rides. All photos are available to improve OpenStreetMap.

Mapillary + OpenStreetMap

All photos and derived metadata are available for OpenStreetMap to enhance edits.

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Use the Mapillary app as an efficient data collection tool or upload photos you already captured.

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Editing tools

Mapillary photos are integrated into iD and JOSM to support OpenStreetMap's workflow.

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Mapillary’s commitment to OpenStreetMap

Any person has the right to use Mapillary photos for editing and deriving metadata for contributing content to OpenStreetMap. We’re making Mapillary photos and the data extracted from them available for OpenStreetMap for free, always. We’re working closely with people and organizations in the OpenStreetMap ecosystem around building better tools for using Mapillary photos and data and anyone can contribute to this process. We’re committed to supporting OpenStreetMap now and always.

Rights to OpenStreetMap

You have the right to use any Mapillary photo for editing and deriving metadata for the purpose of contributing content to OpenStreetMap. Such metadata could be street numbers, road signs, street names, building descriptions, road conditions etc. Derived metadata may be published directly to OpenStreetMap under the OpenStreetMap Foundation contributor terms.

Mapillary photos are available under an open license (CC BY-SA).

Mapillary appreciates attribution for derived metadata, for example using the tag source=Mapillary or by linking to This is also a useful way for us to track and understand what types of data and photos are most useful for OSM, and build tools accordingly.

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